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"...she's thoughtful, professional, kind, and a pleasure to work with."

--Angie Hays, Executive Director, North Carolina Theatre Conference

"Karen’s one of the best professors I’ve ever had. She made class exciting to come to while also doing it in a way where we learned new material and methods of thinking each and every class. Her enthusiasm of theatre was contagious and made a newcomer to the arts like me feel included. I was very hesitant to take Playscript Analysis as I didn’t have a theatrical background, but there was never once where I felt that impaired me in class. This was largely due to Karen’s inclusivity when it came to class activities, assignments and the like. If I could I would gladly take every theatre class with her!" 

--Tariq Silver, undergraduate, UNCG

Thank you so much for being such a funny, loving, and extraordinary professor. Your class was always a new adventure for me.

--Jada Holloman, UNCG

"Karen is task oriented and a great communicator. She works well with others and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, especially in the areas of directing, voice, and arts education. Honestly, you will not find a more qualified candidate. She is well equipped yet willing to learn. She is committed to inclusivity and telling diverse stories through theatre." --Willa Bost, freelance AEA actor

"I think your show turned out really well. And no one wanted to kill you during tech."

--Chip Haas, Technical Director, UNCG

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